fleet risk management software

AI-powered platform that monitors compliance, safety & risk across drivers, vehicles and equipment.

End to end risk management.

Fleet Performance

Get a unified view across BASICs, ELDs, cameras and more.

Understand Risk Factors

Leverage analytics to quickly uncover risk areas like drivers that need coaching or equipment that needs maintenance

Real-Time Safety Monitoring

Get alerted on changes in risk through continuously monitoring across drivers, vehicles and equipment.


Gather, sign, and verify documents hands free.


Trigger automated alerts when any facet of your fleet’s compliance is about to lapse.


Connect to time clocks & ELD’s to automatically lock out high-risk drivers.

“Haul builds easy tools that have completely transformed how we manage our drivers.”

Ryan Nickisch
Supply Chain Engineer, Ryder

Intelligent document management

We collect, recognize, and verify 47 industry standard documents and counting...

Powered by A.I.

Haul uses the latest machine learning algorithms to validate hundred of fields across a constantly growing list of document types.

Unifying fleet data across business applications

AI-Powered recommendations to improve safety